Screening for Increasing Dividends

Screening for Increasing Dividends

A user asked us if we could allow screening for increasing dividends; but, we figured we’d do one better. What if you could screen for the increases and decreases of any metric? Tiingo now allows this in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Create a custom metric

To start, visit the custom metrics page here:

Simply enter the metric you want in the “formula” box. In this example we want to see if the dividend increases, so we type:



But we want to see how many times the cash dividend has increased, so we follow it up with a “.” and use our new metric “.countincr(#)”

The # in this case represents the last # of dividends. Since most dividend stocks pay out quarterly, to see how many times the dividends increased in the past year, we would type in “4” for the #.

Our final formula looks like:


Step 2: Create the Screen

Click “Create Metric” and visit the screening page here:

Let’s see how many stocks increased their dividends 2 times or more in the S&P 500. To do that we simply drag-and-drop the metrics we care about and are left with:

final metrics


Step 3: Run the Screen

Click “Run Screen”

We can see there were only 3 stocks that increased dividends 2 times in the last four payouts.


Looking at Macy’s we can confirm this on:

macys div graph


Want to take it further?

Replace “Dividend_Cash” with any metric in our database. Or, replace .countincr with .countdecr and count the number of decreases!


Enjoy! If you have any feedback, reach out to us at [email protected]


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