Launching the Tiingo Open Data Initiative

Launching the Tiingo Open Data Initiative

Since day one, Tiingo has been committed to providing you with top quality data that is more accurate than companies charging $30k+ a year.

How in the world is a company with a “set your own price” model going to pull this off?

Because we’re going to do something unheard of.

Presenting the Tiingo Open Data Initiative

Sound sexy?

No? Good, because clean data should be boring. Except we’re still going to try and make it sexy (we like doing the impossible).

aapl div


We’ve all been there, looking at a number on a financial tool and wondering, “is that number actually right?” Then we might go to another website or source and double check. Even if we see two equal numbers, we think, “hmm… ok.”

And our skepticism is well-warranted. Often there will be 1 or 2 main vendors for the same source of data. If one vendor is wrong, then many financial sites are wrong.

So what if a company could show you where, when, and how they got their numbers? This is what our Open Data Initiative is about: transparency.

Now within less than a second, you can verify Tiingo’s numbers straight from the official source: press releases. Either hover your mouse over the orange binoculars or click the “Source” link directly to see where, when, and how we got our data.

Try it here:
AAPL Dividend History

Cool huh?

Dividends are just the start.

Since the ethos of Tiingo is to “Actively Do Good,” when we are ready we will open all of this data to the world via an API. Right now when we catch mistakes, we are notifying our data vendor so they can fix the data for all their users. We don’t believe in holding good data hostage.

A quick aside: back-populating dividend data and sourcing it is a data intensive process but we are working around the clock to load in this data historically. However, future dividends are being monitored and added in real-time.

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